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Shawn Rosenthal: February 2021 Member of the Month

Our February Member of the Month is Shawn Rosenthal. You'll regularly find her taking classes in our Shala, as she loves Vinyasa Flow and Yin. Since the pandemic and even now, she has really enjoyed taking advantage of our virtual classes! We are so grateful for her! Below, she tells us about her journey at the House of Love!

I started going to Evolution Yoga about four (4) years ago, starting off with a couple of light classes (Barre and Yin) and I fell in love with it. I love how open and clean everything is and how welcoming everyone was with me, especially since I was so inexperienced with any kind of yoga classes. I had tried a yoga studio before but felt very uncomfortable with how experienced everyone seemed and how clumsy I was! I found Evolution Yoga through my close friends and of course, the fearless leader, Maxine!!! After one class, I was hooked. For the past year and a half I go to Evolution Yoga almost everyday! It has become not only a routine, but a life saver. No matter what health or mental state I'm in, after a 60 or 70 minute class I am ready to face anything. My favorite classes are the Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and the Vinyasa and Yin combo classes. I love when Maxine teaches in the Shala, however, Pam and Melanie are my inspirational teachers that I see almost every week. Evolution Yoga became even more special to me in the past year because even during this terrible pandemic I have been able to keep on doing class everyday, sometimes two a day, in my own home via their Zoom. No matter how hard it's been for them, they never missed a beat and have been so careful and clean and I feel very comfortable being back in studio now.

I don't think I have one favorite memory because every time I walk through the door at Evolution Yoga or log onto my zoom class I learn something new and accomplish something each time and that is what I will always treasure and remember.

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