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Ann Light: May 2022 Member of the Month

Congratulations to our May Member of the Month, Ann Light. Ann is a dedicated single mom to two sons, a law student, a crazy (in the best way) athlete, a fitness instructor, a certified yoga instructor, and the nicest human you will ever meet. There's no class she won't try! If you ask our teachers what word comes to mind when they think of Ann? DETERMINATION. She's a hard worker, on and off the mat, and refuses to give up, even when faced with challenges.

We're convinced she has more than 24 hours in the day because she really does do it all! Get to know Ann by reading what she has to say about her journey at the House of Love below! And shout out to Ann for participating in the Boston Marathon last month and absolutely ROCKING IT! We are so proud.

The love of fitness brought me to Evolution Yoga. I taught with Maxine at other studios about decade ago. I had trained her at a gym she was previously a member of and initially tried Evolution Yoga because I wanted to support my amazing friend. What keeps me coming back to the House of Love are the variety of classes, teaching styles, robust schedule, and of course Maxine and all the other instructors. Evolution Yoga truly is for everybody and every body.

When I crossed the finish line at Boston Marathon this past April 18, it was the only one out of dozens I finished sprinting, stronger than I started, and smiling. All other marathons I felt like death and completely miserable! Evolution Yoga played a significant role in this new experience.

Since the studio’s opening, I ebbed and flowed between class packs and the unlimited membership. This past semester of law school, I switched to the class pack option. I was going to be too busy with work, school, life as a single mom, the list goes on, to find an hour here or there to come to the studio. (By the way, if that’s your current situation, close that chapter right now! It’s over.) Those excuses resulted in a stressed out, injured, and less healthy version of me.

Knowing I had an even more challenging semester ahead and the Boston Marathon on the calendar, I switched back to an unlimited membership this past December. BEST! DECISION! EVER!

Pilates strengthened my small stabilizer muscles, which helped me run with efficiency and prevented injuries.Yoga kept my Achilles and calves supple for the hill climbs, especially the dreaded Heartbreak Hill. More importantly, because of the balance Evolution Yoga created and continues to create in my life, I am a more focused student, a way cooler mom to my two boys, and a more present friend to all.

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Harry Kevin
Harry Kevin
19. Okt. 2023

Congratulations on being recognized as Member of the Month! Your incredible journey balancing fitness, law school, and single parenthood is truly inspiring. If you ever need support with professional academic writing services as you pursue your legal studies, feel free to reach out.

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