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Vandor Santos: June 2021 Member of the Month

June's Member of the Month is a man who makes it a point to join us for class regularly. Vander Santos gives 100% in each class. To learn more about his journey at the House of Love, read what he had to say below.

• What brought you in to our studio/why did you try it?

New Year’s resolution to live healthier and a need to exercise and lose weight as recommended by my cardiologist.

• What made you want to join as a member?

Well thought infrastructure, cleanliness, and a friendly staff and reception desk.

• What are some of your favorite classes/teachers?

Barbara Fretes, Jessica Pagola, Maxine Schwartz, Amy Frank, Georgie Boynton, and Joe Klein.

• What is your favorite thing about Evolution Yoga and Fitness?

That everything works and that the place is well taken care and well run.

• What is the biggest change you've seen since joining?

I’ve dropped 50 pounds.

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