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Mercedes Joannidis: January 2021 Member of the Month

Our Member of the Month for January is Mercedes Joannidis. Never without a smile on her face, Mercedes loves our studio so much, she's brought her family and friends to join her at the House of Love. Whether she's flowing through asanas in Hot Power Flow or breaking a sweat in Jeannie's Bootcamp, she always gives 100%. We love her for her effervescent spirit and authenticity. Get to know her by reading about her journey with Evolution Yoga below!

"I started at Evolution Yoga about three years ago. I fell in love from the first day I went to try it out. I always say there’s a big difference between working out and training. Working out can get boring after a while since you don’t have any direction in hand and the sessions start to seem disconnected and purposeless. It’s like darts in different directions, aiming at nothing. It’s easy to quit showing up if you’re not sure where you’re aiming. Evolution Yoga is my training center; my second home. Meaning that they have a mission that hinges coaches who come alongside you to help you focus and adapt the sessions toward a clearly defined goal. “Goal” is the key at Evolution Yoga. Training is a goal-oriented process; spilling over and benefits into other areas of our lives. Every coach is my favorite coach at Evolution Yoga; for different reasons and different types of workouts. I attend all different types of classes: from Pilates, to yoga, to bootcamp, to battle ropes, and more. The trainers are very friendly and caring. They are consistently positive & relentlessly demanding. They, along with me and all the friends I made here, will remind us of what we really want even when we won’t feel it. At most gyms, you’ll walk in and out the door without anyone acknowledging your presence. At Evolution Yoga, I am missed when I don’t go. My coach will text me, call me, or email me checking up to make sure everything is ok if I don’t show up. Evolution Yoga is the best hour of my day, everyday. It is a community, not a gym. Our coaches are just as serious about our goals and training as we are. They help us maintain focus when our own vision of our target gets blurred. The truth is, we aren’t wired to be our best on our own. We need accountability where discipline wanes. Thank you, Evolution Yoga team for helping us stay stronger, more inspired, and entrusting us with the best training center with coaches who are positive role models."

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