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Jessica Cerovic: March 2021 Instructor of the Month

Congrats to our Teacher of the Month, Jessica Cerovic! This D.C. native has an extensive dance background in which her barre, Pilates, and yoga practices are founded on. Join her in class for a workout that is equally challenging as it is fun! Get to know her a little better by reading the interview below.

Q: How did you get into the fitness world and when did you know you wanted to become an instructor? A: I was a professional dancer and had several knee injuries for many years and through physical therapy I became interested in Pilates and wanted to learn more. I was already teaching dance and I thought I would enjoy adding fitness to what I teach and be good at it. Q: What do you feel is your purpose as a fitness instructor? A: To create a fun and supportive workout you can truly enjoy, helping you to achieve your fitness goals in a healthy and happy manner. Q: Why is movement an important part of your life? A: I have always been very active and never have been very good at sitting still for very long. Movement makes me feel good. Q: What quotes or mantras currently resonate with you? A: Without your health you have nothing. Q: What are some of your daily rituals? A: Drinking tea and taking my dog on a walk. Q: Who/what inspires/motivates you? A: Maintaining my health physically and mentally motivates me. Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at Evolution Yoga? A: The pleasant atmosphere created from the moment you walk in the door. Q: When you’re not teaching classes at Evolution Yoga, what are you doing? A: Dancing, running with my dog, swimming, cooking with my husband and traveling.

Finish the sentences: I'm most at peace when… I’m in Croatia along the Adriatic Sea. My friends would describe me as... always ready to go somewhere or do something. I'm currently reading... articles about healthy living and traveling. My biggest pet peeve is… selfishness.

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