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Monika Steinberg: May 2021 Member of the Month

Being ‘Member of the Month’ in May - the month we celebrate all mothers - warms my heart and is so symbolic, as my practice here at Evolution has rendered me not only a better person, but most importantly- a better mother to my two little ones. 99.9% of my daily intentions pertain to be more present FOR them, to be more patient WITH them, more understanding OF them.... everything for them. The embodiment of Evolution - the instructors, staff, Maxine and fellow students - have all led me to this path, placed me on it and continue to carry me throughout it.

I ‘anchor’ my week by taking a yoga class on Mondays (Vikky’s “Hot Power Flow”) and finalize my week with her “Follow The Yogi” class. Sometimes, a few other classes are sprinkled in between. All of the classes, but mainly Vikky’s, ‘gift’ me the clarity, the consciousness and the calm to transverse all that the week presents me. I truly see it as a sanctuary.

I joined Evolution a little over a year ago yet the friendships I’ve cultivated and the spiritual knowledge I’ve gained makes it feel as forever. I am in a state of forever gratitude for everything offered at Evolution and for everyone who comes together on the daily, living to learn and learning to love.....Namaste

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